Marijuana Passes Full Legalization In Washington

Marijuana Passes Full Legalization In Washington

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These are very special times that we live in today!!!

Yup-it’s true!

Unless the US federal government steps in, Colorado will soon have a regulated industry for recreational marijuana.

Like Colorado, Washington state also passed a voter’s initiative to legalize marijuana with 55 percent of the vote. Now both states are looking to each other to try to implement the will of the voters.


If you’ve taken a recent trip to Seattle, its easy to spot people openly smoking marijuana near tourist destinations like the Space Needle. Much like Colorado, police have pretty much stopped busting those with less than ounce.

A local named Aaron told us in and interview, “Officially people aren’t supposed to smoke marijuana in public.” But he said, “It doesn’t stop anyone that much right now.”

In Seattle, visiting the world-famous farmers’ market called the Northwest Cannabis Market will show you a vast market filled with vendors selling medical marijuana and even a marijuana smoking room, similar to a wine tasting room at a winery.

“Colorado is a huge inspiration for us. We truly learn everything there,” Cannabis Market owner George Patterson said.


In Washington, medical marijuana isn’t as big or well-regulated as medical marijuana is in Colorado, but this small victory is a pivotal moment for cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. Large signs for brand new dispensariesare are now hard to miss in some Colorado neighborhoods. Many dispensaries in Washington don’t even have signs yet, and are run by word-of-mouth. Now more than ever is the time to get on-board the Green Revolution. Enjoy growing plants, and helping out your local community by selling legal buds and smoking them as much as you like and wherever you like once you are growing unlimited supplies of killer herb. Check out my affordable growing tutorials located in my Complete Marijuana Grow Guide.


While Colorado has designated money for legalized pot for education purposes, Washington expects billions primarily for health care.

Washington’s marijuana revenue will also go to education, research and substance abuse prevention. The intent of the new law is designed to take marijuana out of the hands of illegal drug cartels and bring it under a tightly regulated, taxed system like alcohol.

Washington has even already set a limit for driving under ‘cannabis intoxication.’ According to recent laws, a driver’s blood should not have more than a THC concentration of 5.00 nanograms per milliliter. Colorado is still wrestling with the issue. That’s quite a stir in Frankie’s Sports Bar in Olympia where people can go buy a beer and openly smoke marijuana. Frankie Schnarr owns what could be the first of many marijuana bars in Washington.

“I don’t mind a guy coming up here, toking a pipe or cigarette. But I don’t want a big bong over there and 15 guys getting stoned,” Schnarr told us.


With bars and markets already catering to the marijuana user, some people in Washington hope the state will position itself as a tourist destination for cannabis connoisseurs.

Until next time,

Stay Green, and continue your support for legalization, and thanks for all the help and supporting our mission to spread and promote cannabis awareness! We’re winning the legalization fight!!!!!!!

Peace brothers and sisters,







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