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To expand a little it’s working well for me and stress relief, but recently we had my adult son (31 years old) try it. He has had an undiagnosed neurological problem since 36 hours after birth. I feel some vaccines contributed to his problem. He normally cannot handle stress and would stand on his tippy toes and make many jerky hand motions, also face contortions when he would be stressed (OFTEN). All until 4 days ago when we gave him one of our oral syringes of CBD to him. His wife is RAVING and says he is calm, no jerky motions anymore. It is truly amazing!!! I was weeping, because he has been suffering with no relief for 32 years. Now he is a new person. Thank you! We love CannazALL!


Really Good CBD Oil

I cannot thank you enough , I have been using this wonderful oil for a few months now and the effects are nothing short of Miraculas . I had a bad car accident about 30 years ago , the problems it left me with were life changing, the oil has improved my memory and focus, the pain in my spine has subsided I have no spinal spasms or migraines . I haven’t had my usual bouts of acute bronchitis this winter and haven’t had to use my nebulizer or athsma puffer and I can sleep without medication. My immune system has improved so much that I no longer have to hide myself away for fear of catching colds and flu. I have got my life back and pain no longer controls my life.


How CBD works and why it is showing to be so effective

The science behind why CBD oil is showing to be so effective is based on the human Endocannabinoid System. This system is part of our immune system and when it is boosted by taking Cannabinoids the body has a better ability to fight, resist, and also cure many diseases common to the human body…this goes for both common and serious ailments, and science is learning more about this all the time.

While there are fruits and vegetables that contain Cannabinoids nothing we know of is more potent with healthy Cannabinoids than CBD oil, and it seems CBD from Hemp is the most potent form.

HempLife Today’s brand CannazALL™ is the purest, most potent, and best priced

Blue Dropper-3-600x400When we research a story and find something we feel has the capacity to be life changing for our readers we pass along the information… and in this case we are extra enthusiastic about what we discovered…Specifically a company called HempLife Today™ and their CBD products sold under the brand name CannazALL™. HempLife Today™ prides itself on the purity and quality of its CannazALL™ brand and their most popular product is their CBD Tincture which is packed with 250mg of pure CBD oil per bottle and has an incredibly smooth peppermint flavor.

A quick call to their main office convinced us of their commitment to this new and exciting therapeutic regimen and HempLife Today™ offers discounts on all sizes of their CannazALL™ CBD Tincture from a tester size to extra large pack of 6, even offering an additional free bottle with the extra large pack…In fact here are just a few highlights of why we like this company and recommend it…

  • They are currently offering a generous 60% off on all of their popular CannazALL CBD products…Plus, an additional 10% off just for subscribing to their news (Look for this offer at the bottom of your screen when on the site!)
  • They offer great discounts for people wanting to be on a regular CBD therapy regimen…
  • They have super-fast shipping and excellent customer support whether by phone or email.
  • Their products are the highest quality and purest that we tested…with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • They offer the best value for CBD products that we found.
  • They also offer a Wholesale program for resellers…and, an incredible Referral Program where you can get free CBD products simply for referring others.
  • And, all of their products are 100% organic Non-GMO

What our research showed

Throughout our research for this article we found that claims of CBD’s health value was very well documented and valid, and everyone that we spoke to currently on a CBD regimen was very happy with the results they were getting… and we heard of zero negative side effects. In fact, many of these satisfied and very relieved people mentioned they got their CBD from the leading source HempLife Today™ (www.HempLifeToday.com)

Business and product profile

We also like the fact that HempLife Today™ is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company trading under the symbol (OTC: UBQU), and we consider this a “strong buy” so check out the information regarding them and their parent company here…  HempLife Investors Page or view our FREE Business and Product Profile on this company by clicking HERE (will open in a PDF in a new tab).


To learn more, we recommend you check it out yourself at www.HempLifeToday.com.


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