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Ryan Riley has published the definitive guide on growing your own medical weed. The publication of this 748-page grow guide, makes all other grow guides obsolete. Every imaginable subject is covered, from seed selection and germination, to choosing the best method of cultivation. This is the first complete step-by-step grow guide that goes into such detail.

Ryan wanted to share his knowledge on the subject, ever since he was diagnosed with severe depression, and was given a Prescription for Medical Weed. It changed his life, and he was able to see a bright future. The only problem was the skyrocketing costs of obtaining decent herbs. For over 20 years, after much expense and trial and error, he was able to get it all down in writing, and create a masterpiece.

So many of us have tried this before. First we find some knockout seeds, we germinate them, and get some topsoil, a big old grow light, and were off to the races. The closet was always a good place to start, until we learned that there has to be air circulation, etc. How many of us have spent a fortune on grow chamber devices, that you have to babysit, and don’t work so good. It is quite frustrating to go through a whole grow cycle for 4 months, and end up with inferior quality herbs.

Medical Weed is being grown at home at tremendous savings in money. Buds are being created, that are sticky, frost covered, and with that incredible aroma we all love. Sometimes, just inhaling the bouquet makes you feel better. At a recent interview, Ryan had this to say: “One day I finally did it. I accidentally stepped on the magical formula. One day it just all clicked for me. It was like every single piece of growing information I’ve ever studied all came together and allowed me to smoothly grow my first incredible crop. My own home-grown green herb was 10x more healing & pain relieving than anything “top quality” at the dispensaries and clinics that I had to pay “top” dollar for”.

Just take a look at what Gary Bonzel, from Provo, Utah had to say: “This is THE BIBLE for all wanna-be cannabis growers out there. Do yourself a favor and get on board the do-it-yourself growing revolution that is erupting with this book. No need to waste your time or money on failed crops. Ryan will show you the way to grow effortlessly”.

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