We Support Medical Cannabis Research Australia

We Support Medical Cannabis Research Australia

Medical Cannabis Reviews & The Hemp Happy network supports the Research, Political Canvassing, Seminars, Activities and the ongoing Education from the “Non -For-Profit”

Medical Cannabis Research


In February 2016 legislation (Narcotics Amendment Bill 2016) to legalise medical cannabis in Australia passed through federal Australian parliament in record time. It was supported by all sides of politics. This means as at 1 November 2016 Australian patients with certain serious medical conditions and under strict controls will be able to access these products through medical professionals.

Cannabis has been used as a medicine since ancient times. In modern history it was used extensively in pharmacy formulations in the early 19th century.

Cannabis used as a medicine has made a resurgence in recent years and is now legal in a number of parts of the world. Whilst anecdotal cases are plentiful scientific studies are still being undertaken to determine the effectiveness in certain disease states. The main ones we are studying below:

Multiple Sclerosis


Nausea in Cancer Chemotherapy and AIDS patients

Pain Relief in Terminal Cancer patients

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder patients

Medical Cannabis Research Australia was established in December 2016 by Paul and Sharlene Mavor and Tony Hume.

Paul Mavor is a pharmacist and has practiced for over 26 years in WA and owned a number of pharmacies. He has an interest in the pharmacokinetics of different cannabis dosage forms.

Sharlene Mavor is a medical scientist with majors in Microbiology, Virology and Biotechnology. She has worked in a number of laboratories both in Western Australia and in the UK. Sharlene has a particular interest in different cannabis strains, potency and purity testing and extraction methods.

tony hume

Tony Hume is an experienced fund raiser and has a diverse background in education, health and philanthropy. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Director’s course and is accredited as a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) world-wide. Tony also is an Independent Director for the Yinhawangka people in the Eastern Pilbara region. He is passionate about positive community impact and making connections in the community to maximise peoples’ opportunities.

Medical Cannabis Research Australia is committed to improve the lives of Australian persons and families by reducing the suffering, prevalence and impact of a variety of diseases through the use of medical cannabis. This will be achieved with a focus on clinical trials and ethical supply of medical cannabis. Research will be conducted to support and promote public awareness for the use of medical cannabis including education for clinical practitioners with new treatment options, both locally and globally for their patients. We aim to educate and advise health professionals, patients, their families and carers in the use of medical cannabis through media, education and fund raising campaigns and further cooperate with government and likeminded organisations in order to advance the research, treatments, equity and quality of life which can be assisted with the use of medical cannabis.


Clinical Studies are underway in several states of Australia

These are largely government sponsored

NSW – terminal cancer – vaporised THC vs THC+CBD

-paediatric epilepsy – cannabidivarin, CBD

-Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting – THC + CBD
QLD – cannabis oil in paediatric epilepsy

ACT – cannabis for melanoma

Vic – paediatric epilepsy – synthetic cannabidiol

Activities include:







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Is CBD Oil good for me?

Is CBD Oil good for me?

CBD is short or Cannabidiol which by all scientific accounts
appears to be the ROCKSTAR of the Cannabinoid world.

It is the most predominant Cannabinoid in Hemp and is
endowed with many beneficial properties.

In its patent (#6,630,507) titled CANNABINOIDS AS

Government makes many impressive claims about CBD
including the following: “Cannabidiol (CBD), a

naturally-occurring constituent of the industrial hemp
plant, promotes and supports the nutritional health of

aging bodies.”

One of the properties of CBD is that it is anti-psychoactive
which means that unlike THC, the Cannabinoid found

abundantly in Marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive and may
be consumed safely as a dietary supplement.

It simply is not possible to get “high” or
intoxicated by consuming Industrial Hemp food products.

It is safe or the whole family.

THE ILLEGAL MIRACLE part 1 from Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil


THE ILLEGAL MIRACLE part 2 & 3 >>>




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Medicinal marijuana to be legalised in Victoria in Australian first

Medicinal marijuana to be legalised in Victoria in Australian first



Locally-grown medicinal cannabis will be legalised in Victoria, under a controversial State Government move to ease the suffering of people with serious medical conditions.

In an Australian first, the Andrews Government plans to embark on a state-based cannabis cultivation trial, based on the recommendations of a report by the Victorian Law Reform Commission.

But the move will need the support of the Federal Government, which is a signatory to an international convention on narcotic drugs.

The commission has recommended licensing cultivators and manufacturers to produce the drug under laws similar to those governing the state’s opium poppy industry.

Medicinal cannabis should be available in a variety of forms, including tinctures, oils, capsules, sprays and vaporisable liquids, but should not be smoked because of the health dangers, the commission said.

The drug would be prescribed by a specialist and sold at pharmacies under arrangements based on the methadone program, not a grow-your-own scheme.

Commission chairman Philip Cummins said the report was driven by compassion for people, including chronically ill children, who were suffering and had no effective medical relief.

We were struck by the compelling and moving stories of persons suffering serious illnesses or caring for those suffering such illnesses.

Dr Ian Freckelton QC

Children with severe epilepsy would be the first to be treated with Victorian-grown medicinal cannabis, from 2017.

Labor made an election pledge to legalise medicinal cannabis in a bid to help parents it said were being forced to choose between breaking the law and watching their children suffer.

Premier Daniel Andrews said it was one of the best days of his political career.

“There are about 450 or those beautiful little people and they’re going to get legally for the first time the medicine that they need to transform their lives, and indeed to save their lives,” he said.

“The time has come for us to stop finding reasons not to do this.

“There will be a cost involved, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not about dollars and cents really, this is about saving lives.”

‘Solid research’ justifies medicinal marijuana

The commission has made 42 recommendations, including that medicinal cannabis be available to treat five serious conditions, including multiple sclerosis, cancer, HIV or AIDS, epilepsy and chronic pain.

Dr Ian Freckelton QC, who led the review, said the proposed scheme was ground-breaking and innovative.

“We were struck by the compelling and moving stories of persons suffering serious illnesses or caring for those suffering such illnesses,” he said.

Marijuana conditions of use:

  • Severe muscle spasms or severe pain from MS
  • Severe pain from cancer, HIV or AIDS
  • Severe nausea, vomiting or wasting from cancer, HIV or AIDS
  • Severe seizures from epileptic conditions (if other treatments do not work)
  • Severe chronic pain where two specialist medical practitioners think medicinal cannabis might work better than other medical options

Source: Victorian Law Reform Commission

Dr Freckelton said a significant number of people were already using cannabis for medicinal purposes in Victoria.

“They are doing so illegally, that means there’s a fear on their part of being prosecuted and embarrassed,” he said.

“There is now a solid research base justifying this innovative step.”

The State Government will begin a cultivation trial at a research facility and establish an Office of Medicinal Cannabis within the Department of Health and Human Services to oversee the manufacturing, dispensing and clinical aspects of the framework.

The Victorian and Queensland state governments have already joined forces with New South Wales to take part in medicinal cannabis clinical trials.

But Dr Freckelton said it was not appropriate to wait years for the results and Therapeutic Goods Administration approval of pharmaceutical products.

“We were satisfied on the basis of those whom we met, many of whom had utilised medicinal cannabis to their advantage, and on the basis of research evidence, that it is an appropriate time for this modest step to be taken to alleviate suffering,” he said.

The commission said there would be a rigorous licensing scheme, to reduce the risk of organised criminals benefiting from medicinal cannabis production.

While the plan needs the support of the Federal Government, Commonwealth legislative change is not required, the commission said.

“The Commonwealth is the signatory to an important international convention in relation to narcotic drugs and so it is fundamental that Australia, including Victoria, comply with its international obligations in that regard,” Dr Freckelton said.

The Victorian Government has accepted 40 of the report’s recommendations and two in principle.

An independent medical advisory committee will examine whether to increase the number of eligible patients.


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Important Latest Research on CBD

Important Latest Research on CBD


Cannabidiol / CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp. Researchers believe it’s the CBD cannabinoid that protects cannabis users from getting too high, by reducing the psychosis-like effects of THC. CBD is currently being tested as an anti-psychotic medicine for people with schizophrenia. We are only just beginning to discover what is CBD oil is really worth to us.

See here for the latest Wikipedia entry on Cannabidiol.

CBD Could Help With…

CBD Oil posseses a range of medicinal benefits. Reporting to help people with the following conditions: Cancer – Epilepsy – Rheumatism – Migraines – Psoriasis – Diabetes – Anxiety – Acne – Depression – Nausea – Neuropathic Pain – Obesity – Autism – ALS – Motor Neuron Disease – Antibiotic Resistance – PMS, and many more.

At HempLife Today we encourage you to research and become educated about CBD Oil and its potential health benefits. In doing so you may find that CBD Oil seems to have many highly effective therapeutic uses for the body and mind.

For your convenience, we have compiled search links for you below so you may more easily do your own research regarding CBD and the particular ailments listed.

hempPlease click on an ailment below to search and research on the google.com search engine…

We encourage you to do further research regarding CBD (cannabidiol) and you can use these simple search term combinations to effectively get the best search results…

  1. Type into google: CBD and “List your ailment search word here” e.g. CBD and anxiety
  2. Type into google: Cannabidiol and “List your ailment search word here” e.g. Cannabidiol and anxiety

*Note: When searching the web regarding CBD please note that most articles are referencing CBD derived from the marijuana plant (with high levels of THC). However, our CannazALL™ brand of CBD is derived from the hemp plant only and contains only legal, trace amounts of THC. CBD derived from hemp is the same exact CBD molecule that comes from the marijuana plant (they are sister plants in the cannabis family), and the only difference between the two is the level of THC.

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CBD Oil Genisis

CBD Oil Genisis

ABOUT-CBD1For decades, cannabis activists and growers were focused on cultivating high-THC strains of cannabis, and struggled to convince the world of its medicinal benefits. The medical cannabis movement continues to tout the therapeutic properties of THC, but is facing a critical sea change as research continues to reveal the immense health benefits of CBD—without a need for the “high” from THC at all.

In fact, there have been more scientific studies on CBD in the last decade than in the years since its discovery. The results of this research have been so promising for so many ailments that it might be non-psychoactive, non-addictive CBD that finally brings cannabis prohibition to an end. As the push for cannabis legalization continues, the demand for access to CBD for research, clinical trials, and drug development will only increase. Hundreds of scientists from pharmaceutical companies—including  GW pharma, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, and Allergan—are already regularly attending meetings of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

So the question is, will the rest of the world be ready?


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